Competition and shows can be nerve racking. We spend hours and hours preparing for an event. We pour so much time and energy into doing our best and then when the day arrives it can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes the practice is overwhelming as we learn a new pattern or technique. Instead of enjoying the dance it is easy to get caught up in the what ifs…

  • What if I miss a step?
  • What if I look down?
  • What if I get off beat?
  • What if my coach forgets my routine?
  • What if my costume malfunctions?
  • What if the floor is sticky or slippery?

The list can go on an on. There are many ways to calm the nerves and relax when preparing to step onto the dance floor. Here are few tips we have learned from coaches, other dancers and experience.

  • Take a deep breath – no really close your eyes – breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Find your breath and focus on it.
  • Find your heart beat – Center your attention by touching your wrist, neck or heart with two fingers and find your heart beat even it is racing it will help ground you.
  • Remember why you are dancing – Maybe it is to express emotion, exercise your body, a challenge, worship, or maybe you just can’t be still when the music is on.
  • Don’t watch the others and compare yourself to them. Think about what you can improve on from the last time you danced.
  • Trust yourself and your coach. You have worked hard so that now you can relax, play and perform.

Lavender SachetAnother fun tip is the use of Lavender. We included a lavender sachet in the very first Ballroom Box in the summer of 2020. It seemed appropriate as we were all still reeling from the Covid stay at home orders. Lavender is a wonderful agent to aid in relaxing. Here are few keys suggestions we had for the sachet.

5 ways to use Lavender

  1. Soak in a bath
  2. Under your pillow
  3. Suitcase or drawer
  4. Car Air Freshener
  5. Dance Shoe Bag

Those shoe bags can get quiet smelly!