Spring Ballroom Box 2024 Sneak Peak

We love to keep the suspense but also understand that you might want to know a little something about what will be in the next box.

Silky Eye Mask

Do you ever dream of dancing? Or fall asleep counting your steps or walking through a routine.

Sometimes it is a little hard to fall asleep when you are excited about a competition or showcase. Or perhaps roommates have the lights on while you are still sleeping. Or maybe you need to catch a little nap on a plane.

This soft silky eye mask is perfect for helping you dream and refresh. Put it on as you lay down to close your eyes and say your prayers. Fall asleep counting your steps and wake up ready to dance. Oh and it matches the robe from the last box!

Counting Stepzzz

Want another hint?

We can’t give it all away but there is a tool in this box that also goes great with the Defend Overnight Nourishing Cream from last summer. Originally $36.00 just $15 with the spring box.

Click here if you would like to add one to your box. We will add the charge to your order and ship it for free with your box!

Nuria Overnight Recovery Cream