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Gifts for the Ballroom Dancer

Every season we want to offer our dancers a way to pamper themselves or to say thank you to fellow dancers (don’t forget about teachers) with the Ballroom Box. Each item was selected to pamper, treat and help the dancer sparkle from head to toe.

What is in the box?

Each season a new box arrives filled with items that dancers love and appreciate. Recreational and competitive dancers will enjoy items to encourage and engage them on their dance journey. Our list has grown as fellow dancers and competitors and, of course, we are open to ideas of your favorite things. 

Holiday Box 2020

The theme for this season is Dance to Celebrate Life. Our holiday box includes items to comfort, educate and inspire dancing even in a year like 2020. We also created a male box for the gift giving season. 

Ruana Diagonal

Ruana Wrap

Ballrooms are always freezing, so we found this beautiful, soft, black ruana to wrap youeself in to keep you warm, now or at your next competition. This super soft wool woven ruana is a statement piece that people will be asking about every time you wear it. Be a trendsetter with this versatile wrap. Try it casually draped over your shoulders, or tied with a belt. No need to worry about size!

100% Acrilic

Retail Value $48.00

Line of Dance Sticker

Line of Dance Sticker

Never lose your way around the dance floor again! Alternatively, give it to a friend for a subtle suggestion that they work on their floorcraft…
In all seriousness, all of the great maps of the world have a compass rose, and it’s time that the dance floor had its own. Use this on water bottles, laptops, bumpers, and wherever else you might need a reminder. Don’t forget to clean the surface before applying the sticker!

Retail Value – $5.00

Scarf and Tie

Scarf and Bling Tie

The male box includes a bling tie and cashmink scarf in place of the ruana wrap and fringe earrings. 

Retail Value: $60.00/tie and $38.00/scarf

Fringe Earrings by Satu

Fringe Earrings

On trend right now for a fun night out or with your favorite latin or rhythm dress- Fringe and Swaovski Earrings. Satu Designs created these super fun and funky earrings to keep things moving. Color included is a surprise.

Retail value – $40.00

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

Ever step into a busy ballroom and wonder how it would be if you and your partner could lis- ten to the music you need with- out running back and forth to the music box? Here is the solu- tion. Pair your earbuds and share one with your partner or pro so you can listen to the same mu- sic and still communicate with each other. Lightweight, sleek, quick-charging bluetooth ear- buds to use for phone calls or listening to music. Comes in charger case…just plug it in! Instuctions can be found here.

Retail value – $30

Satin Hands cream

Satin Hands Cream

One of Mary Kay’s most famous products is her Satin Hands, a 3-step Hand Spa, which moisturizes and softens your hands. Enjoy the Travel Shea Cream in your giftbox!!

Dance to Celebrate Life Ornament

Dance to Celebrate Life

Just a nice little reminder to keep dancing in the midst of a crazy year. This glittery ornament or bag tag was laser engraved by 66 Creative. Together we are supporting another small business.

Retail Value: $10.00

Keychain Charger

Keychain Charger

Need a charger? This handy keychain charger works for any Micro-USB device. Espcically the wireless earbuds! Clip it on your shoe bag so you always have a charger at hand.

Retail value – $8

Shoe Brush logo

Folding Shoe Brush

Ever thought about pampering your shoes? A good dancer takes care of their shoes and prolongs the life of the shoe with a little TLC. A shoe brush keeps your suede dance soles from becoming slick from wear and in good condition for dancing on wood floors. Brush before every use. We had these folding brushes custom made so they don’t snag anything else in your dance bag.

Retail Value – $10.00

Past Boxes

Fall Theme was Keep Calm and Dance On

Fall is a wonderful time to sit back, relax and be thankful. We curated this box with the intent to inspire you and worry less and dance more.

Worry Less Dance More Tumbler

Travel Tumbler

Keep drinks hot or cold for hours with stainless steel double walls. Laser engraved with the words Worry Less Dance More.
Retail value $20.00

Chella Brown Eyeliner

Eye Pencil

This silky eyeliner glide on to define, emphasis and embolden with long lasting vibrant color that stays on until you want it gone! Retail value $21


Crystal Mask

Destiny Crystal Face mask is a great glam look for your face mask requirement! Colors vary
Retail value $35

Champion Therapy Ball

Therapy Ball

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls – Use across many platforms to improve your health and quality of life
Retail value $7

Eyelash Dreamer Makeup Bag

Eyelash Makeup Bag

Keep all of your makeup and beauty essentials all in one spot in our gorgeous makeup bags! Writing or simple eyelashes on the bag may vary.
Retail value $20.00

I'd Rather be Dancing Mask

Lip Pencil

This lip pencil glide on to define, emphasis and embolden with long lasting vibrant color that stays on until you want it gone!
Retail value $20

Summer Theme was Dance At Home

During this time of Safer at Home we have collected some goodies and tools to make your time and space useful and give you a reason to
Dance (at Home).

Dancer Foot Tubes

Dance Socks

Dancer socks or foot tubes to turn any shoe into a dance shoe.
Retail value $10.00

Dance at Home Print

Inspirational Print

This Home is for Dancing Print ready to be framed and/or displayed to encourage all who enter to dance. Retail value $15


Thera-Band Resistance Band

Use to stretch and strengthen while at home and create some resistance.
Retail value $10

Album Saver

Album Saver

Handy little disk that will pull and save all your dance photos and videos from you computer and store in place. 64GB
Retail value $50

Dancer Journal

Dance Journal

A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey by The Girls with the Tree Tattoo. A place to keep all your dance notes and goals.
Retail value $18.00

I'd Rather be Dancing Mask

I'd Rather be Dancing Mask

Let’s protect each other and have a little fun with this mask that says I’d rather be dancing.
Retail value $12

Exclusive Collection

The Ballroom Box by DDC

Value over $150 for only $59.95

Duffy and Debi

About US

We are amateur ballroom dancers that love to give and receive and we like a little sparkle too. As we have traveled offering our ballroom dresses at competitions we have built a list of fun treats to pamper any lady ballroom dancer. This holiday box includes our top picks. We hope that you will enjoy them and gift them to fellow dancers as a way to say Thank You and celebrate the love of ballroom dance.

Debi & Duffy

Co-owners, mother & daughter
Dance Dress Couture, LLC



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Dance friends! This new subscription box service is honestly amazing! Y’all have got to try this! 😍  They really did such a fabulous job!!! Theres so much stuff in one little box I was honestly blown away 🤩



MY BALLROOM BOX FINALLY CAME!!!! 🤩🤩🤩 I honestly cannot believe that I am able to experience something as amazing as this!! I had no idea what to expect and still have a long way on my journey to improve and grow as a dancer. I know that I can make it happen with the help of these goodies!! ❤️❤️ 



This is so professional and worth the cost. All of these items would be double the retail value at a competition. It is very well done.


Ballroom Teacher


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