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Gifts for the Ballroom Dancer

Every season we want to offer our dancers a way to pamper themselves or to say thank you to fellow dancers (don’t forget about teachers) with the Ballroom Box. Each item was selected to pamper, treat and help the dancer sparkle from head to toe.

What is in the box?

Each season a new box arrives filled with items that dancers love and appreciate.
Recreational and competitive dancers will enjoy items to encourage and engage them on their dance journey.  


Each Season has a Theme

Spring Box 2021

The spring box will ship Mid-March. Now is the perfect time to start your subscription. We can’t give it all away but be sure this box is going to inspire and equip you to work, sweat and shine on the dance floor!

Spring Ballroom Box 2021

Winter Box

Missed the last couple of boxes? No, problem we have the perfect combination from the fall and holiday boxes to get you started. Our winter box includes the following items and is ready to ship immediately.

Ruana Diagonal

Ruana Wrap

Ballrooms are always freezing, so we found this beautiful, soft, black ruana to wrap youeself in to keep you warm, now or at your next competition. This super soft wool woven ruana is a statement piece that people will be asking about every time you wear it. Be a trendsetter with this versatile wrap. Try it casually draped over your shoulders, or tied with a belt. No need to worry about size!

100% Acrilic

Retail Value $48.00

Eyelash Dreamer Makeup Bag

Eyelash Makeup Bag

Keep all of your makeup and beauty essentials all in one spot in our gorgeous makeup bags! Writing or simple eyelashes on the bag may vary.
Retail value $20.00

Beige with Gold Crystal Mask

Crystal Mask

Destiny Crystal Face mask is a great glam look for your face mask requirement! Colors vary
Retail value $35

SoapBox Hand Santizer

Hand Sanitizar

Sanitizing should help strip germs, not strip moisture. This 8oz, unscented, 70% alcohol hand sanitizer that is blended with moisturizers and aloe to not only help reduce pathogenic germs on hands but also prevent hands from drying out when using.

Prevent dry, cracked hands from harsh sanitizers with this formula that fights germs, but also leaves your hands hydrated with each drop.

Apply a dime-size amount into hands to avoid excess and briskly rub hands together until dry.  

4 oz.
Retail value $7

Shoe Brush logo

Folding Shoe Brush

Ever thought about pampering your shoes? A good dancer takes care of their shoes and prolongs the life of the shoe with a little TLC. A shoe brush keeps your suede dance soles from becoming slick from wear and in good condition for dancing on wood floors. Brush before every use. We had these folding brushes custom made so they don’t snag anything else in your dance bag.

Retail Value – $10.00

Champion Therapy Ball

Therapy Ball

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Balls – Use across many platforms to improve your health and quality of life
Retail value $7

Past Boxes

Summer, Fall & Holiday boxes were full of surprises.
Click here to see the treats in each box.

Exclusive Collection

The Ballroom Box by DDC

Value over $150 for only $59.95

Duffy and Debi

About US

We are amateur ballroom dancers that love to give and receive and we like a little sparkle too. As we have traveled offering our ballroom dresses at competitions we have built a list of fun treats to pamper any lady ballroom dancer. This holiday box includes our top picks. We hope that you will enjoy them and gift them to fellow dancers as a way to say Thank You and celebrate the love of ballroom dance.

Debi & Duffy

Co-owners, mother & daughter
Dance Dress Couture, LLC



How It Works

Order the box

Place your order online to
start the gift giving.

Receive the Box

Be ready to open a sweet box of goodies to pamper your favorite dancer.

Give the Box (or keep it)

Split it up and share or keep it and pamper yourself. Or order two boxes!

Dance friends! This new subscription box service is honestly amazing! Y’all have got to try this! 😍  They really did such a fabulous job!!! Theres so much stuff in one little box I was honestly blown away 🤩



MY BALLROOM BOX FINALLY CAME!!!! 🤩🤩🤩 I honestly cannot believe that I am able to experience something as amazing as this!! I had no idea what to expect and still have a long way on my journey to improve and grow as a dancer. I know that I can make it happen with the help of these goodies!! ❤️❤️ 



This is so professional and worth the cost. All of these items would be double the retail value at a competition. It is very well done.


Ballroom Teacher


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