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Recreational and competitive dancers will enjoy items to encourage and engage them on their dance journey.  


Each Season has a Theme
Ballroom Box Fall 2022

Fall Smile Box

Here is the full list of everything inside!

The Fall 2022 Box includes the following items:

Tote Bag and more by Dance Vision Black canvas tote bag to carry all your dance needs.  Cute stickers to show your love of dance and an exclusive offer to access a full ballroom dance training library. Retail Value – $15.00 + $140 savings = $155 total

Packing Cubes 6 Piece Travel Organizer Bags. The travel kits comes with multiple size bags to organize and separate your tiems so you can pack your luggage the way you like. Retail Value – $20.00

Luggage Tag Simply easy way to label your bags in a fun red color to help it stand out of the luggage pile. Retail Value – $5.00

Energy Bites by Sun and Swell Apples, cinnamon spice, and everything nice! These delicious, chewy bites are nutrient dense, and tasty, without any added sugars, preservatives, or flavors. Retail Value – $3.00

Packing List – by BB and DDC Laminated list of items needs for a competition or show based on expeirence and input. Dry Erase marker included.  Retail Value – Priceless (well actually years of travel and serving in the ballroom industry so yes priceless lol)

Lip Color by Ceci Torres Highly saturated, full coverage color that glides on smooth and delivers a velvety long-lasting matte finish. Can be worn alone or layered with other colors for an ombre effect. Retail Value – $15.00

Matte Reverse by Ceci Torres Instantly transforms your matte finished lips to a glossy shine without compromising your lip color.  Retail Value – $15.00

Brightening Bubbles by Beaut.Beauty Co. The self care product you are missing in your daily routine. Maintain your pearly whites and keep you insta-ready all day long. 
Retail Value – $40.00

Refreshing Body Wipes by The Happy Spritz These towelettes are great to use on the go for body and face. Wake up with Good Morning Beautiful, use Breathe Deeply during the day and Relax and settle down with Sweet Dreams Darling. Retail Value – $4.20

Love your dance family

Summer Success Box 

Here is the full list of everything inside!

The Summer 2022 Box includes the following items:

Personal Fan by Trend Tech It’s hot in the ballroom and you need to cool down. Place around your neck or rest it on the table. Three Speeds to choose from and a light. Charger cord included.
Retail Value – $20.00

Comparisonitis by Melissa Ambrosini  An upbeat, inspirational guide to finding happiness in an often toxic social media world. Stop comparing yourself to others and be genuinely happy. Don’t forget to join the discussion group on Facebook*
Retail Value – $16.00

Travel Razor with Blades by All Girls Shave Club Beautiful rose gold metal handle, 4-pack of 6-blade razor cartidges, saftey cover and bag for travel. Perfect for keeping those legs smooth for dancing!
Retail Value – $25.00

Whipped Shave Butter by All Girls Shave Club  Pink Champagne scent is a crisp, refreshing aroma of sparkling white wine with nuances of pomegranate and green apple, with hints of rose and geranium. Enhance your shave and enjoy soft smooth legs. Retail Value – $12.00

Compact Mirror with Light  4.25” folding mirror with two sides and lights. Great for make-up touchups. Battery included Retail Value – $10.00 

Shower Steamer infused with lavender essential oils. Wash away the stress of the ballroom by placing the steamer in the bathtub during an evening shower.  Retail Value – $4.00

Hydration Electrolyte Powder by Ultima Electrolytes without the sugar. Super delicious and supports optimal hydration with electrolytes, trace minerals, vitamin C and zinc. Dissolve 1 powder hydration drink mix in 16 fl oz. of water. Retail Value – $6.00

Lavender Sachet – Dried Lavender in just the right size bag for your shoe bag or under your pillow to help you refresh. Retail Value – $3.00

Love your dance family

Spring Box – Love Your Dance Family

Here is the full list of everything inside!

  • Button Down Tunic by Celeste This is the perfect versatile tunic for layering up or creating a subtle look with a t-shirt and jeans. The pockets and the long length add so much versatility. The fabric is flowy and soft and will flow with your body as you dance and enjoy your day. Made in the USA
  • Hair Freeze Spray by Got2B Glued Ballroom hair needs to stay in place. This travel size hair spray is the perfect tool to keep it in order. 2oz
  • Makeup Setting Spray by Slay all Day Stop and smell the Roses! Lock in your makeup look and look flawless for hours with our cooling, oil control mist that increases the look and longevity of your makeup. Travel friendly size. Made in the USA Cruelty Free Vegan formula, Oil control mist with matte finish increases the look and longevity of your makeup, Spray on brushes to intensify your highlight or eyeshadow or blenders and brushes to make foundations stick like glue, Keeps makeup from sliding into fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Nail Kit by Revele Compact zippered manicure set includes large and small nail clipper, tweezer, nail scissor and metal nail file. Everything you need for on-the-go nail maintenance.
  • Tail Comb by Vintage Cosmetic Company Perfect for sectioning, braiding and backcombing the hair, this floral comb is a styling essential.
  • Phone Ring by AdvanceTech Smart phone grip, holder and stand to aid as you video and take photographs at events.
  • Healthy Snack Mix by Karmalize Me. Organic Berry Trail Mix comes in an attractive grab and go snack pack and contains heart-healthy nuts. Ingredients: Cranberry*, Cashews*, Almonds*, Hazelnuts*, Pumpkin Seeds*, Brazil Nuts*.  Made in United States
  • Encouragement Cards – Notecards designed for dancers to give love and encouragement to other dancers.
  • Stickers – Two fun stickers to inspire you to Love Uour Dance Family.
Premium Holiday Female Box

Holiday Box – Premium Size for Women

This season the theme is Pampered Head to Toe.

  • Silk Pillowcase by Oeto Tex 100% Muberry 19 Momme Silk  Pillow Case Retail Value – $50.00
  • Crystal Hair Piece by KarenGB  Swirly hair piece covered in crystals for a little extra bling. Retail Value – $45.00
  • Foot Balm  by Moroccan Magic. Soothe and moisturize your tired dancing feet with Argan Oil, Essential Oils and Vitamin E. Use before bed to wake up with smooth and hydrated feet. Retail Value – $10.00
  • Fuzzy Socks* by Mirmaru Christmas themed fluffy socks to keep those toes nice and cozy warm. Retail Value – $10.00
  • Inspirational Chocolates by Chouquette Chocolate caramels, so pretty you can’t imagine eating them, so delicious, you can’t help yourself. Perfect Vanilla Bean Caramel with Fleur de Sel crystals sprinkled inside a chocolate shell, topped with inspirational words. Retail Value – $7.00
  • Energy and Focus Mints by Neuro Peppermints specially formulated with natural caffeine, L-theanine, and B-vitamins to sustain the mental endurance necessary to stay focused on your goals. Retail Value – $4.00
  • Sleep Mask by Moroccan Magic. Dreamy skin is just 10 minutes away! Our Sleep Sheet Masks use hydrating Cold Pressed Argan Oil, calming Chamomile Flower and anti-inflammatory Lavender Extract to reduce redness, soothe acne and nourish skin.
    Retail Value – $4.00
  • BONUS ITEM – Silver Lined Wrap Scarf – A lightweight wrap scarve is the perfect accessory for a chilly ballroom! 80% Polyester, 20% Viscose. Hand Wash Cold, Line Dry, Low Iron. Retail Value – $26.00

*Moving into January the fuzzy socks will be solid instead of Christmas themed

Premium Holiday Male Box

Holiday Box – Premium Size for Men

  • Mens Crystal Bow Tie by DDC  Truly awesome bow tie with crystals for a little extra bling. Retail Value – $45.00
  • Ballroom Dancer Socks by Ties Planet Colourful ballroom dancers feature in these cotton rich black novelty socks. Know a strictly dancing fan? These socks are the perfect gift idea! Size: Men’s 6-11. Material: 65% Cotton, 34% nylon, 1% Spandex. Retail Value – $16.00
  • Foot Powder** by On Your Toes. Stops offensive foot and shoe odor for over six months. Apply to feet once a day for up to three days after a shower or bath, preferabley before bedtime. The cap of the bottle is used as a measure – one capful per foot. Put two capfuls in shoes and shake shoe to cover intertior. Retail Value – $16.00
  • Inspirational Chocolates by Chouquette Chocolate caramels, so pretty you can’t imagine eating them, so delicious, you can’t help yourself. Perfect Vanilla Bean Caramel with Fleur de Sel crystals sprinkled inside a chocolate shell, topped with inspirational words. Retail Value – $6.50
  • Energy and Focus Mints by Neuro Peppermints specially formulated with natural caffeine, L-theanine, and B-vitamins to sustain the mental endurance necessary to stay focused on your goals. Retail Value – $4.00
  • Foldable Shoe Brush by Ballroom Box A shoe brush keeps your suede dance soles from becoming slick from wear and in good condition for dancing on wood floors. Brush before every use. We had these custom made so they don’t snag anything else in your dance bag. Retail Value – $10.00
  • BONUS ITEM -Sweat and Cooling Towel – Whether it is practice or competition don’t let them see you sweat with this treat to keep you cool. Dampen to release  the cold. Use wet or dry to wipe away sweat. Includes a carry bag and carabiner.  Retail Value – $11.00

**Due to a Covid delay some foot powders were replaced with a Moroccan Magic foot balm. 

Fall Box
Summer Superpower

Fall Box – Relax and Recharge- SOLD OUT

Dancers work hard to compete and prepare dances. We want to equip you to let your hair down, relax and recharge. Enjoy these items in the fall box.

Becoming Ginger Rogers  – Written by Patrice Tanaka, this is one woman’s inspiring and uplifting story to reclaim her life after 9/11 through a lifelong dream of learning to dance.

Pin Frisker – Time to let your hair down without losing your mind with bobby pins everywhere. This little tool is great at finding all the remaining hair pins and then keep them in the little pot.

Nail Wraps   Treat yourself to a little sparkle with nail wraps from Ma Soriee. Use these wraps to complete a look for competition or give every day some extra glam.Assorted colors and glitter. 

Power Bank – Access to plugs are short in a busy ballroom. Use this power bank to keep your phone charged while traveling and dancing. iPhone Lightening adapter included.

Apple Rumba Rooibus Tea     from DancingOx Coffee  is sure to add   rumba rhythms to your tea experience. A fall blend of rooibos, cinnamon and apple spice. Rooibus tea is known to offer anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimutagenic qualities and is rich in antioxidants. 

Makeup Eraser®- #1 sustainable makeup remover in the world. Erase ALL Makeup With JUST Water! Including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, & more! 

Clay Soap Set – Custom and Handmade by Emagine Shop, these soaps each have their own properties to cleanse. Activated Charcoal, Bentonite and Rose Kaolin Clay formed in gem stoned shapes.

Balance Yoga Flow – Relax and breathe through these poses to help build and maintian balance. Curated by Rave Family Yoga. Box subscribers receive access to 4 weeks of online yoga classes.


Summer Box
Summer Superpower

Summer Box 2021 – Dance is my SuperPower

We celebrate our 1st anniversary with a super fun theme for the summer box. Dance means so much to each of us and we want to not only celebrate that but also equip you to exercise your Dancing Superpowers.

Here is the summer reveal

You will be prepared to

💃Hydrate your superpower 👉 Custom glitter waterbottle that tracks your intake
🦸‍♀️ Disguise your look 👉 Mink Eyelashes and adhesive from POSSE Lashes
💃 Kill the enemy 👉 Fabric Refresh spray to kill bacteria in your dance dress
🦸‍♀️ Keep your cool 👉 Sweat and cooling towel with carry bag and caribiner
💃 Work in secret 👉 Hollywood Fashion Tape from Hollywood Fashion Secrets
🦸‍♀️ Revive the exhausted 👉 Sore Muscle Rub from Lucabello
💃 Refuel your superpower 👉 Dance Dietician Corrine Gayl invited BB subscribers to her FB group for tips on nutrition and energy
🦸‍♀️ Stick it to ’em 👉
Custom iridescent sticker to mark your water bottle, bag or journal.
💃Clarify and brighten 👉 Skin care samples from BeautyControl

Summer box reveal!! Here are some of the amazing items in the summer box.
Dance is my Super Power is the summer theme. We are equipping dancers to activate their super powers with the following items:
More info and tips on these products are available on the website and will be rolling out now that all the subscribers have received their boxes.


Past Seasonal boxes were full of surprises.
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