Listen in as we ask Amber Haider about her dance journey, podcast and coaching services for ballroom dancers. She shares some great insight and encouragement for dancers, moms and business women. Listen to the end to hear what she feels is one of her proudest moments and her favorite dance. Both just might surprise you.

And let me just brag on Amber a little bit in case you are wondering if she knows what she is talking about. First of all she is a wife, mom of 4, fitness instructor and business owner. She has been dancing for about 5 years and she has just been ranked number 1 on the NDCA Pro-AM Ladies A Rhythm Leader Board following her triple crown wins at Ohio Star Ball and winning closed gold at USDC to make her a US Champion. Whoo Hoo!!! Congratulations to Amber!!

Be sure to tune into the podcast Ballroom State of Mind. Amber has recorded over 80 episodes of tips and tricks to improve your mindset to “win more on the dance floor and in life”.

I, Duffy, recently shared my top 8 episodes. Here is a little recap. Disclaimer: I have not listened to every single episode. I started from the beginning and then skipped around a little bit. Now I find myself going back to listen to the rest. One of our box subscribers recently texted and said, “Where has this podcast been my whole adult life?”. As competitive dancers, I think we often try to separate dance and ignore the mental games that we play with ourselves to discount our thoughts and feelings when instead we will dance better and live stronger if we can embrace the thoughts and feelings that dance brings to us.

Episodes are 15-30 minutes and you can listen online or on your phone. My best listening is running errands and sitting in pickup line!

5 The Horses in your Head: Mental and Emotional Regulation

10 Decision Making

46 Dealing with Your Emotions

65 Don’t Fear your Feelings

67 How to Stop Overthinking so You Can Actually Dance

81 This Isn’t About Dancing At All

82 Dressing Your Alter Ego with Irene Wong

79 Arrogance, Confidence and Humility


Which episodes do you relate to the most?



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