Crystal Hair Piece Tips

Crystal Hair Piece Pins

Tips for applying a Crystal Hair piece

Ballroom dancers love a little extra bling, dresses jewelry and even in fancy hair dos. Many dancers match their hair piece to their dress. Ab The AB next to the rhinestone color stands for Aurora Borealis, named after the lovely Northern Lights. Its beautiful array of ever-changing blues, greens, reds, and violets create a dazzling display on the horizon. Reflecting all of these colors make it the perfect stone for a hair piece. 

Crystal Hair pieces are made of mesh and Latex and of course lots of beautiful stones. Swarovski is the most popular and desired but often hard to find and much more expensive. Preciosa and Austrian crystals are very similar in their brilliance.


Crystal Hair Piece Pins

Place the hair piece and secure

Make a plan as you style the hair. Once you have the hair in place you can add the hair piece. Secure the hair piece with hair pins, carefully tucking in the ends to hide them. 


Crystal Hair Piece Pins

Hair pins vs Bobby Pins

The open ended hair pins work very well for this step. One or two traditional bobby pins with a closed end are helpful at the strongest point of the hair piece.


Crystal Piece Eyelash Glue

Glue as needed

If a hair piece has a delicate end that can not be pinned, use clear eyelash glue to secure it to the hair. Place the glue on the back of the hair piece, let it get a little tacky and then hold in place as it dries. This trick works well for a head piece that needs to stay in place on the forehead.

Glued hair piece           Forehead hair piece


Tips for Washing Ballroom Hair

Once the comptetion is over and you are ready to let your hair down, you might find it difficult to do so. The mousse and hair spray that keep your hair in the perfect spot can sometimes feel like schalack. Here are a couple of tips to release the hold.

  1. Take out your hair piece and as many of the hair pins as possible. (Use our pin Frisker from the past box if you can) 
  2. Use eye makeup remover if you glued a section down.
  3. Put conditioner on your hair in the shower before shampoo. This will help to “melt” the hair spray and dry mousse.
  4. Wash your hair with shampoo
  5. Condition again
  6. Style and shake it and enjoy having it released once more!
Crystal Hair Piece 2
Crystal Hair Piece
Applying a Crystal Hair Piece
Forehead hair piece 2