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The Winter Box

Available for Men too

We love to equip all dancers. This season we have developed a box for the guys and gals. Winter boxes may be purchased as a one time gift. Of course subscriptions are the most cost effective way and you get a fun box each season curated just for dancers.

We also have mini boxes available for studios and teachers to give students.


Winter Premium Box Male
Spring Ballroom Box 2021
What we do

Tools and Treats for the Ballroom Dancer

Every season we want to supply our dancers with items needed for competition and social dancing. Each item is selected to teach and equip as well as pamper, treat and help the dancer sparkle from head to toe.

In addition to the physical box of goodies to delight we help educate the amateur dancer and offer resources.


Gua Sha Stone and Jade Roller

The face and neck are important for all ballroom dancers as we shine on the dance floor. Our spring box included a couple of great tools to keep the muscles and skin of the face and neck in prime condition. Here are a few tips to using these tools. Be sure to check...

Helpful Resources

Here are few resources that we love and want to share with our box subscribers. We have used these items and where appropriate we have added a seasonal box. The majority of these items may be bought directly through the linked website. Full disclosure: Some of these...

Interview with Amber Haider of Ballroom State of Mind

Listen in as we ask Amber Haider about her dance journey, podcast and coaching services for ballroom dancers. She shares some great insight and encouragement for dancers, moms and business women. Listen to the end to hear what she feels is one of her proudest moments...

Warm Up – Why and How

Warming up is a crucial component of any ballroom dancer's routine, whether it's for practice or competition. Here are several key reasons why warming up is important: 1. Injury Prevention: Warming up gradually increases your heart rate and circulation, which, in...

Advantage of Leg Warmers

Leg warmers can offer several advantages for ballroom dancers, just as they do for dancers in other styles. Here are some of the benefits: 1. Warmth and Muscle Protection: Leg warmers provide warmth to the legs, which is especially important during the warm-up phase...

Brent Mills Interview and Music Mills Tutorial

https://youtu.be/2zHxlcR8Ff4   In this captivating interview, Brent Mills, a seasoned virtuoso renowned for his musical expertise, takes us on a captivating journey through the intricacies of crafting music that sets the stage for breathtaking ballroom...

What is in the box?

Each season a new box arrives filled with items that dancers love and appreciate.
Recreational and competitive dancers will enjoy items to encourage and engage them on their dance journey.  


Each Season has a Theme
Fall Box
Summer Superpower

Fall Box – Relax and Recharge

Dancers work hard to compete and prepare dances. We want to equip you to let your hair down, relax and recharge. Enjoy these items in the fall box.

Becoming Ginger Rogers  – Written by Patrice Tanaka, this is one woman’s inspiring and uplifting story to reclaim her life after 9/11 through a lifelong dream of learning to dance.

Pin Frisker – Time to let your hair down without losing your mind with bobby pins everywhere. This little tool is great at finding all the remaining hair pins and then keep them in the little pot.

Nail Wraps   Treat yourself to a little sparkle with nail wraps from Ma Soriee. Use these wraps to complete a look for competition or give every day some extra glam.Assorted colors and glitter. 

Power Bank – Access to plugs are short in a busy ballroom. Use this power bank to keep your phone charged while traveling and dancing. iPhone Lightening adapter included.

Apple Rumba Rooibus Tea     from DancingOx Coffee  is sure to add   rumba rhythms to your tea experience. A fall blend of rooibos, cinnamon and apple spice. Rooibus tea is known to offer anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antimutagenic qualities and is rich in antioxidants. 

Makeup Eraser®- #1 sustainable makeup remover in the world. Erase ALL Makeup With JUST Water! Including waterproof mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, & more! 

Clay Soap Set – Custom and Handmade by Emagine Shop, these soaps each have their own properties to cleanse. Activated Charcoal, Bentonite and Rose Kaolin Clay formed in gem stoned shapes.

Balance Yoga Flow – Relax and breathe through these poses to help build and maintian balance. Curated by Rave Family Yoga. Box subscribers receive access to 4 weeks of online yoga classes.


Summer Superpower

Summer Box – Dance is my SuperPower

We celebrate our 1st anniversary with a super fun theme for the summer box. Dance means so much to each of us and we want to not only celebrate that but also equip you to exercise your Dancing Superpowers.

Here are a few little hints.

You will be prepared to
🦸‍♀️ Disguise your look
💃 Kill the enemy
🦸‍♀️ Keep your cool
💃 Work in secret
🦸‍♀️ Revive the exhausted
💃 Refuel your superpower

Spring Box – Fresh Start

The spring box is available in limited quantities.  See below to see all the items that will inspire and equip you to work, sweat and shine on the dance floor!

Spring Ballroom Box 2021

We are so thrilled to share these two amazing resources with you. Peta Murgatroyed from Dancing with the Stars launched her tanning mousse in Febuary of this year. Our subscribers are some of the first to try this amazing product. Click here for instructions and great tutorial.

And of course if you are fan of Dance with the Stars you know brothers Maks and Val. They have developed an app with dance classes, workouts, interviews and so much more. Several other pros from the show teach. This is a great addition to your dance routine as it is educational and super fun. Our subscribers received 30 days free.

Dance & Co Maks & Val
Samba for everyone - Maks, Peta, Val & Jenna
Peta Jane Tanning Mousse

Peta Jane Tanning Mousse

Peta Jane Tanning Mousse by Peta Murgatroyd (Winner of DWTS Season 14 & 22) was created to instantly bronze and glamorize your skin to perfection with ease.  Whether going to the beach or ballroom, Peta Jane will give you the most realistic tan leaving an exotic aroma behind.  Light Floral scent.  5 oz

Cruelty-free.  Never tested on animals.  Peta Jane Murgatroyd is an internationally celebrated actress, dancer, and tv personality.  Her commitment to a healthy lifestyle inspired her to develop products to help you look good and feel good.  Luxuriate your inner beauty!

Retail Value $26.00

Woman who dances t-shirt

Inspirational Practice Shirt

Black t-shirt designed for women who dance. Cut for a feminine figure and cleverly printed to inspire. Because of course – we start off right!

Retail value $35.00

Peta Jane Mitt

Peta Jane Tanning Mitt

Peta Jane Bronzing Mitt provides smooth, streak-free, professional tanning results. Soft, silky and re-usable, and designed with a waterproof lining to protect your palms during application revealing a flawless, ballroom ready look.

Retail value $7

Ginger Peach Sugar Scrub

Whipped Sugar Scrub

Exfoliate before tanning and prepare your body for the next competition with this smooth and sudsy sugar scrub from K&S Soapworks. Scented Ginger Peach for a soft fresh start.

Retail value $10

SoapBox Hand Santizer

Hand Sanitizer

Sanitizing should help strip germs, not strip moisture. This 8oz, unscented, 70% alcohol hand sanitizer that is blended with moisturizers and aloe to not only help reduce pathogenic germs on hands but also prevent hands from drying out when using.

Prevent dry, cracked hands from harsh sanitizers with this formula that fights germs, but also leaves your hands hydrated with each drop.

Apply a dime-size amount into hands to avoid excess and briskly rub hands together until dry.  

4 oz.
Retail value $7


Island Glow Body Bronzer

Introduced primarily for the contestants on Dancing With The Stars, this instant quick drying body bronzer provides an exotic, shimmery glow without streaking or rubbing off. Does not contain DHA. Fresh scent. Paraben Free. 1.7 oz

Retail Value – $9.00


Lippy Clip

Perfectly holds standard sized lip balm and clips quickly to your dance bag or purse. Ready to travel and keep those lips soft and ready to smile. Made in USA by women. 

Retail value $10


Custom Lip Balm

All natural ingredients formulated with a little tint and sparkle to keep your lips smooth and ready to smile. Flavored with Frozen Margarita.

Retail value $4

Past Boxes

Past Summer, Fall & Holiday boxes were full of surprises.
Click here to see the treats in each box.

Exclusive Collection

The Ballroom Box by DDC

Value over $100 for only $59.95

Duffy & Debi

About US

We are amateur ballroom dancers that love to give and receive and we like a little sparkle too. As we have traveled offering our ballroom dresses at competitions we have built a list of fun treats to pamper any lady ballroom dancer. This holiday box includes our top picks. We hope that you will enjoy them and gift them to fellow dancers as a way to say Thank You and celebrate the love of ballroom dance.

Debi & Duffy

Co-owners, mother & daughter
Dance Dress Couture, LLC



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Dance friends! This new subscription box service is honestly amazing! Y’all have got to try this! 😍  They really did such a fabulous job!!! Theres so much stuff in one little box I was honestly blown away 🤩



It was delightful to see everything inside and it was truly the highlight of my Christmas holidays.  The scarf is warm, so soft and beautiful.  I liked the compact shoe brush, the neat computer/phone cable, white tassle earrings, my AB mask, ear spuds, key chain, dance alignment sticker……..wow!!
I’m so much looking forward to receiving my next Box and be so pleasantly surprised.  Great novel idea as we wait to all get back comfortably onto the dance floor again.
Mary Ann


MY BALLROOM BOX FINALLY CAME!!!! 🤩🤩🤩 I honestly cannot believe that I am able to experience something as amazing as this!! I had no idea what to expect and still have a long way on my journey to improve and grow as a dancer. I know that I can make it happen with the help of these goodies!! ❤️❤️ 



This is so professional and worth the cost. All of these items would be double the retail value at a competition. It is very well done.


Ballroom Teacher


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