Applying Nail Wraps

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We partnered with Ma Soirée to pamper our dancers with sparkly nail wraps. We like their mission statement  “At Ma Soirée, we have crafted an exquisite selection of premium nail wraps that are quick to apply and designed to inspire.” It fits our mission to equip and inspire dancers.

We join in Ma Soirée and hope that these nail kits invite you into your own personal sanctuary & remind you to appreciate your own unique journey.

Like the sparks of joy ignited each time you catch a glimpse of your nails; the destination is simply a collection of the little things discovered along the way.

We also love that Ma Soirée gives back by giving a set to a senior care home for every set bought. We are all on this journey together.

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4 Easy Steps

While the duration will vary depending on personal use on a case by case, the below tips usually will extend the wear of our nail wraps.

1 – PREP

Select a nail wrap that best matches with your nail size. Use the alcohol prep pads prior to putting on the nail wraps to remove any excess oil on the nails.

2 – PEEL

Remove the clear protective layer, then peel off the nail wrap.



Center the nail wrap to the base of your nail and press down gently.



Gently file in a downward motion to remove any excess material. File the nail wraps in a downwards motion and push out any air bubbles at the tips and edges.

Refrain from using hand cream and running your hands under water for an extended period during the first few hours of putting on the nail wraps.

Nail wraps - how to

Can be applied on natural, shellac, acrylic or gel nails in similar fashion.


Clean and prep nails before application. File and buff nails to desired shape. Use the alcohol pad to remove any existing lotions or oils and gently push back cuticles. Ensure nails are dry and free of any oils, dust or lotions.


Center the nail wraps close to the nail bed away without covering skin or cuticles. Press firmly down the middle to smooth out the nail wrap and gently rub outward to remove bubbles or wrinkles.


Crease the nail wrap over the end of the nail before filing away excess material (file in a downward motion).


Apply to thumbs last. Start application with your pinkies and work towards your thumbs.


To remove nail wraps the easiest, dip your nails in warm water for 2 – 5 minutes; then peel off, starting from the base of your nail.


The versatility and long shelf life of our nail wraps allow you to mix and match with different designs, styles and colors.

Q: What are Ma Soiree nail wraps?

A: At Ma Soirée, we aspire to bring our best collection of premium, do-it-yourself (DIY) nail wraps to the comfort of your home. Much like nail stickers, our nail wraps are self-adhesive and have no drying time. They are quick and easy to apply (and remove) as well as suitable for use on natural, acrylic, gel and shellac nails. Our nail wraps help you to achieve exquisite nail designs that are difficult to paint using traditional nail polish and without having to spend hours at the nail salon.

With proper care, your new manicure will last up to 14 days without any visible chipping, flaking or wear. 

We pride ourselves on offering a selection of designer nail wraps that eco-friendly and inclusive. Zero harm. Zero compromises. As such, all our products are toxin-free, scentless, vegan, cruelty-free and pregnancy safe. We do not incorporate ingredients derived from or associated with any animals, nor do we test on animals. A manicure for all!

As advocates for self-care, it is our hope that our at-home nail products spark joy and inspire you with each glimpse of your hand. We are honored to be part of a community that encourages the wellness and well-being of one another.

Q: How many nail wraps come in one package?

A: You will receive 16 self-adhesive nail wraps in each nail kit. There are 8 different sizes to ensure you find the perfect fit for each nail. At Ma Soirée, we respect the environment. To eliminate waste and depending on the size of your nails, we encourage cutting the nail wraps in half, allowing you to double the use you can get out of each package!

Also feel free to tailor the look to your liking! You can mix and match our nail wrap designs, use them individually as accent nails or wear the whole set!

Each package contains:

  • 16x self-adhesive nail wraps (8 different sizes)
  • 1x Mini nail file
  • 1x Alcohol prep pad
  • 1x Application and removal instruction card
Q: Are the nail wraps reusable?

A: These nail wraps are designed for one time use. 

Q: How long do the nail wraps last?

A: With proper care and application, your new manicure will last up to 14 days without and visible chipping, flaking or wear.

Our nail wraps have versatile application and can be applied and used on natural, acrylic, shellac or gel nails. With that in mind, the longevity of our nail wraps will vary depending on your daily routine and nail structure. Our nail wraps are water resistant.

Q: How do I apply and remove the nail wraps?

A: Please scroll up for detailed instructions and tips on the application and removal of your new premium nail wraps!

Our nail wraps have versatile application and can be applied and used on natural, acrylic, shellac or gel nails. With proper application, they will last up to 14 days.

Q: Are the nail wraps toxin free?

A: At Ma Soirée, they take pride in offering eco-friendly, premium nail wraps that are designed and manufactured responsibility. Zero harm. Zero compromises.

These nail wraps are:

  • 100% toxin-free
  • Scentless
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Pregnancy safe

They do not include any animal or animal-derived ingredients in their nail wraps nor do they test on animals. As the nail wraps are toxin-free and scentless, they are suitable for use during pregnancy but should always be done so under guidance of a medical professional.

Q: How many days can I use my Makeup Eraser for before I need to wash it?

A: You can use it for as many days as you’d like, depending on how much makeup you wear. We recommend machine washing at least once a week! Spot washes always welcome 🙂

Zero Harm. Zero Compromises.

They take pride in offering eco-friendly designer nail wraps that are designed and manufactured responsibility. Toxin-free, never tested on animals and no ingredients derived from animals. Better for the environment and better for you. That’s their promise.