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Our Holiday 2020 box included Swarovski Fringe Earrings and Men’s Zip Ties from Satu Designs. We had a fun time interviewing Satu Ketellapper from the The Netherlands to hear more about the earrings and ties. Watch the video here.

We loved hearing her story on how she started dancing in UCWDC and won the World Championship as a Super Star Line Dancer and then also twice with her Pro partner from the US. She is a designer with an education in fashion design and has a great passion for creating trendy fun costumes. She started dancing at age 7 with line dance and began competing early on. Here are a few links to see Satu in action along with her costumes.

UCWDC Worldchampionships 2020 Showdance Mike & Satu– Devil went down to Georgia – red outfit

UCWDC Worlds 2019 Masters Showdance Mike & Satu

UCWDC Worldchampionships 2019 Masters

WORLDS UCWDC 2016 Female Superstars Satu Ketellapper

Razzle Dazzle Pink dress from 2019 UCWDC World Championships

Fringe Earrings by Satu

Now that you have had a chance to see how fast Satu spins you can see why she comments about the fringe earrings in our interview. Brainstorming with Satu for what would be a good fit for something blingy in our box was a fun adventure. We chose the fringe earrings after our subscribers gave us their feedback. Fringe earrings are on trend right now and can be dressed up or down, worn for smooth or rhythm.


The fringe is from Chrisanne Clover. The hooks are made with silver to protect your ears and come with a clear stopper to keep the earrings secure while you are dancing. The earrings come long, so there is plenty of room to trim them up to the perfect length. Be sure to use some sharp sewing scissors. 


We didn’t want to leave the guys out. Our holiday box was available in a male version for the first time. Of course, we wanted the guys to have a little bling too. Satu’s Crystal Zip ties were the perfect fit for the box.


A little instructional tip – pull the top of the loop from the middle with one hand while holding onto the knot with the other hand. Place the loop around your neck and then pull the short tab in the back to shorten the loop. When you are ready to take it off simply pull straight down on the knot to unzip. Different colors were sent in the boxes for variety and fun. Anticipation is part of the fun!

Crystal Ties by Satu Designs

We are so thankful for the opportunity to support another small business and pro dancer/ creator in our holiday box. Subscribers and customers, you too, are part of this. Your purchase of the box enables us to shop from and support designers like Satu. Thank you for joining us in this journey. We are encouraged by the positive review and collaboration from Satu and look forward to future projects together.

Find Satu Designs on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to tell her that The Ballroom Box sent you!


The most recent box is almost sold out! There is one male box and only three female boxes left in inventory. Don’t miss these fun earrings and the crystal tie from Satu! Subscribe now and receive this box and be set up to receive the Spring box in May – The best savings are available to subscribers 😉.


Holiday Box Womens
Holiday Box Male


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