Ballroom Box Spring 2023


Spring Head to Toe Spa

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Hair Towel Wrap by The Spa Savvy Hair Towel is made of 100% microfiber which is lightweight and 8x more absorbent than cotton. It holds 4x the amount of water of non-microfiber towels and dries hair gently and efficiently with less frizz, split ends and hair breakage. Precise size wraps perfectly for superior comfort and hands-free hair drying. Retail Value – $10.00

Hair Mask and Scalp Treatment by MudMasky This unique miracle Shampoo makes the skin on your scalp healthy again. Repairs and Strengthens hair, while moisturizing the scalp. Controls Dandruff from the roots and works against an itchy scalp. Suitable for all hair types 
Retail Value – $20.00

Scalp Massager by Choxie Enjoy a scalp massage with our gental, soft silicone bristles brush that enhances circulation to the  scalp  providing a deep clean and relaxing feeling.  Retail Value – $6.00

Heat and Cold Wrap by Life and Limb  Hot and Cold Gel Compress designed to contour to the body – elasticized strapping provides soft compression and easy adjustments. Use to relieve muscle and joint pain. Retail Value – $30.00

Bronzing Body Oil by Chiky Botanica A nourishing blend of sunflower, jojoba and argan oil combine to nourish and hydrate dry skin, while a touch of organic mineral oxides leave behind a gorgeous shimmering glow.
Retail Value – $28.00

Pedi Buffer  by Spongelle  Our triple-action pedi-buffer cleanses, massages, and buffs away dry soles for professional pedicure results at home. Retail Value – $18.00

Slippers by Panache Apparel Black or pink open toe slippers made for relaxing those tired feet after a day or night of dancing. Retail Value – $24.00

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