Hot and Cold Muscle Wrap




6″ x 20″ LONG HOT AND COLD THERAPY GEL COMPRESS measures 6″ x 20″ and consists of a washable cover with 2″ x 12″ attached strapping, one 6″ x 20″ gel insert, and one each of 2″ x 12″ and 2″ x 24″ strapping extenders.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED – Designed to contour to the body – elasticized strapping provides soft compression and easy adjustments!  Unique 4-way-stretch waterproof fabric prevents condensation and specialized outer fabric allows infinite adjustments

PROPRIETARY FORMULA – Our non-toxic gel remains colder than ice and flexible when frozen for a better fit

DOCTOR RECOMMENDED – Designed, tested, and approved by medical professionals

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – Use to treat tendinitis, bursitis, sprains, strains, muscle and joint pain, and post-surgical pain without the use of medication

Life and Limb Gel offers a line of hot and cold therapy products that are sure to meet your needs and budget. Our premium wraps are affordable for individual use but the high quality craftsmanship and ease of washing, sanitizing, and reusing make them ideal for the medical professional. The Velcro-sensitive elasticized strapping and Velcro-sensitive cover make these products infinitely adjustable. When the straps are adjusted, you are allowed “hands free” therapy, allowing you to continue your daily activities. Our product keeps your injury at the optimal temperature for the optimal time. Medical professionals typically recommend using hot or cold therapy for no longer than 20 minute intervals, and this product will stay cold for over an hour when placed in the freezer between treatments! Our unique gel pack casing material is made of a 4-way stretch material laminated to a stretchable plastic.