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The Summer 2022 Box includes the following items:

Personal Fan by Trend Tech It’s hot in the ballroom and you need to cool down. Place around your neck or rest it on the table. Three Speeds to choose from and a light. Charger cord included.
Retail Value – $20.00

Comparisonitis by Melissa Ambrosini  An upbeat, inspirational guide to finding happiness in an often toxic social media world. Stop comparing yourself to others and be genuinely happy. Don’t forget to join the discussion group on Facebook*
Retail Value – $16.00

Travel Razor with Blades by All Girls Shave Club Beautiful rose gold metal handle, 4-pack of 6-blade razor cartidges, saftey cover and bag for travel. Perfect for keeping those legs smooth for dancing!
Retail Value – $25.00

Whipped Shave Butter by All Girls Shave Club  Pink Champagne scent is a crisp, refreshing aroma of sparkling white wine with nuances of pomegranate and green apple, with hints of rose and geranium. Enhance your shave and enjoy soft smooth legs. Retail Value – $12.00

Compact Mirror with Light  4.25” folding mirror with two sides and lights. Great for make-up touchups. Battery included Retail Value – $10.00 

Shower Steamer infused with lavender essential oils. Wash away the stress of the ballroom by placing the steamer in the bathtub during an evening shower.  Retail Value – $4.00

Hydration Electrolyte Powder by Ultima Electrolytes without the sugar. Super delicious and supports optimal hydration with electrolytes, trace minerals, vitamin C and zinc. Dissolve 1 powder hydration drink mix in 16 fl oz. of water. Retail Value – $6.00

Lavender Sachet – Dried Lavender in just the right size bag for your shoe bag or under your pillow to help you refresh. Retail Value – $3.00

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